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Different Types of Copter Drones Explained

Are you a kind of person who is interested in making own multicopter? If yes, then you must scratch answers of different questions before going through the process of making your own multicopter. The very first question in your mind before purchasing even a single material is that what you have to do of that specific part? Have you to make anything to fly or to keep in the exhibition? Either you want to be in any exhibition or you have to use it for some sort of aerial exhibition? Or it is the combo of these both options. Whatever you have to make, there are some pros and cons of making any kind of multicopter at home. One thing that is must to keep in mind is the use of brushless motors in making these home-made copters.

There are two min rules about making and use of brushless motors.

1: Brushless motors are twice efficient than the other simple motors.

2: Motors with less brushes means more lift and more power.

Here are different kinds of copters to be made at home.

Tricopter: This can be said the simplest and the youngest from the manned multicopter family. The reason to call it youngest is because they are easiest and the cheapest to manufacture from all kinds of designer multicopter.


This is once gin one of the most popular and important family member of multi copter family. This is more expensive and more challenging to manufacture and to give its fight. This is a little heavier than the earlier one because of its heavy rotor and heavy machinery that is installed in it. If a motor does not get the ability to do the whole work then for sure the whole project will fail down. So, make sure about your confidence to make these copters because it will be of no vain to go to any multicopter shop.


Hexacopter is between quad and Octa to build and to use. It takes more preparation and ground time to make. The reason that why it takes more time is that it has multiple batteries in it that have to be fixed in it. If one motor fails to do work, you are supposed to do your work lessen nd its flight will also be effected.


Octacopter is the biggest brother of this whole multi copter family. It is the most expensive and the most challenging to build. Its flight time can be more than 40 minutes if it is manufactured properly and with the perfection of art. It takes more time to be prepared before going on the flight as some copters are required. This is the reason that why it is required 4 LiPo batteries. Moreover, some technicians also work in it for multicopter cronyms.

All of these were some of the kinds of copter family that can be prepared at home. Whenever you decide to make them at home, you are just way on one click of your computer and you can get your material from many online resources as well.